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This CD, available on CDBaby and i Tunes,  is a collection of guitar instrumentals I have composed over the years. Some of the pieces are quite recent, while others recall some of my early influences like the finger picking styles of Mississippi John Hurt or even John Fahey.

In my early days I was also very influenced by British folk guitarists, Nick Drake and John Martyn as well as the stylings of Scottish guitarist Dougie McLean . 

I wouldn't claim to be a "hot" guitar player but I like this collection of pieces, I think they sit well with each other and offer various styles, some I would even claim as my own.

I think it was Taj Mahal who taught me that you don't have to be a complicated guitarist to record a tune that has legs and bears repeated listening. As with any album I release , I hope this collection has some staying power that you can enjoy for some time to come.

I used a lot of different guitars on this album , including a Harmony Sovereign in open E and E minor tunings, a high string Harmony , Martin D-28, Peggy White guitar , Taylor 314  and a Stonebridge D-22. I used dropped D tuning for several selections . If you have any questions about the selections on this CD , don't hesitate to contact me.

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