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A LONGING FOR INNOCENCE featured on Roots Music Canada by Jan Vanderhorst

"Ian Tamblyn’s new album is a mix of the serious, the serene and the whimsical

I’m not compelled to the stage,” said veteran singer-songwriter Ian Tamblyn, who has just released his latest album, A Longing For Innocence.

“I don’t need the stage like some people do. But I miss it. I miss the energy that exists between myself and an audience. It’s an unspoken thing, but it exists, and I miss that as much as anything.”

Ian has been longing for a return to performing. The pandemic-induced break from touring has given him an insight into retired life, but he said it’s one he doesn’t want.

I long for the stage,” he said, laughing, “and just for that communication. At this point, I feel like I’ve been retired and [I’m] not ready to retire, so I’m hoping it would change.”

While Ian busied himself with the creation of the new album, he was also creative in other endeavours..."

Photo by Leonard Poole.


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