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Scenes Through a Mirror - a retrospective Album & CD Release | Irene's Pub NOV 2 | Lyrics included

North Track Records November 1, 2023 Scenes Through a Mirror

North Track Records, in association with The Record Centre Records, is pleased to announce the release of two recordings by Ian Tamblyn. Both releases are entitled, Scenes Through a Mirror. The vinyl release features ten songs chosen from a recording catalogue of forty-five recordings. The album was remastered by Phil Victor Bova and was manufactured by Precision Records in the Czech Republic. The CD collection features two CDs with twenty-six songs chosen from Ian’s extensive catalogue. This project was also remastered by Phil Victor Bova. Both projects include

detailed liner notes about the recordings. Both of these releases are available at The Record Centre in Ottawa or Records on Wheels in Dundas, Ontario. They can also be ordered on line at CD Baby or by visiting the website Mail orders can be completed by writing North Track Records, c/o Ian Tamblyn, 21 Laing Road, Chelsea, Quebec, J9B 1S4.

Physical albums can be purchased directly from Ian at

For those wishing lyrics for the songs, they are below.

A CD release of these projects will be held at Irene’s Bar, Bank St. Ottawa, November 22 beginning at 8pm.

After forty-five recordings, I thought it might be time to compile a retrospective of sorts. The process took well over a year and went through several steps along the way. I had a number of through lines and aspirations I hoped to achieve with this collection, many of them intersecting. I hoped to get as many songs from different periods of my writing as

possible, and at the same time, I wanted these songs to have a consistent sonic balance though the recordings span forty-seven years! I took a large selection of songs to musician and engineer David Bignell to assess which songs sonically stood the test of time, bearing in mind the tremendous shift from analogue to digital recording during this period. After we figured which tunes were sonically “valid” I passed a much smaller group of songs around to people who have followed my music over the years. Though I had a selection of songs I wanted to be included, I was interested in which songs others thought stood the test of time. Ultimately, it came down to these songs you have before you. Final sequencing and mastering was completed by Phil Victor Bova. There are, of course, many songs that are not included but I hope you will find this collection an interesting cross section of my work. I would like to particularly thank the engineers, co-producers and musicians who helped me realize these songs over the years. Besides the great joy I had recording the songs, it was their consistent skills and inspiration that allowed this project to be sewn together.

Ian Tamblyn 2023.

Scenes Through a Mirror Double CD – Lyrics

CD 1

1.Chasing the Sun

Oh how the body longs to sleep

But the dancing light has come

Pulling on the edge of Ellesmeres’ Peaks

Chasing the sun.

Arctic light on a great white sea

The day goes on and on

Gun metal blue teal blue green

Chasing the sun.

The sun.

Chasing the sun.

Further and further and further north

And the day goes on and on

Sheets of gold on the seeking path

Chasing the sun.

Spirit in light- light in the spirit

We are the fortunate ones

Who have come so far to look back in time

Chasing the sun.

The sun.

Chasing the sun.

Patterns of blue- white aquamarine like

A puzzle that is ever undone

Sail on sail on to the Lincoln Sea

Chasing the sun.

Lead me on lead me on

For sleep one day will come

For now we are bound to be

Chasing the sun

The sun

Chasing the sun.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music

SOCAN 1998.

Ellesmere Island, Nunavut.

2. Woodsmoke and Oranges

By wood smoke and oranges path of old canoe

I would course the inland ocean to be back to you

No matter where I go to it’s always home again

To the rugged northern shore and the days of sun and wind.


In the land of the silver birch cry of the loon

There’s something ‘bout this country

It’s a part of me and you.

We nosed her in by Pukakswa out for fifteen days

To set paddle and the spirit at the mercy of the waves

The wanagans were loaded down and a gift left on the shore

For it’s best that we surrender to the rugged northern shore.


The waves smashed the smoky cliffs of Old Woman Bay

Where we fought against the back swell and then were on our way

I’ll talk to you of spirits by the vision pits we saw them

Walk the agate beaches of the mighty Gargantua.


I turned my back upon these things I tried to deny

The coastline of my dreams but it turned me by and by

It tossed the mighty ship around smashed the lighthouse door

Sent shivers up my spine- the rugged northern shore.


Repeat 1 st verse.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN.


Guargantua Peninsula, Lake Superior, ON

3.Black Spruce


Black spruce, black spruce- heart of the winding river

Through the glass I ripple- clouds and trees I know

Black spruce black spruce- onward ever deeper

Calm this restless heart -soothe this restless soul.

I am the raven high o’er the river

I am the black wings carry me home

I am the night sky deeper and deeper

So many stars- always alone.


I am the wind sigh night through the jack pine

I am the flurry of birds on the wing

I am the silence -answer the calling

I am but a heartbeat pounding.


I am the storm clouds building and building

I am the fury, the thunder, the light

I am raindrops, birdsong sing the morning

I am white water heard in the night.


All of your questions, all of your longing

I am these things ask me no more

I am the whisper at the heart of your calling

Comfort your heart slip through the door.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN

July, 2003

4. That Box Car in Algoma

The Montreal was tumbling down

Shadows chase a north fall night

The cut of frost hangs in the air

A boxcar glowed by kerosene light

The leaves today were yellow red

The sky today was endless blue

The rocks today were weather worn

There could not be a better view.

Waves of light dance the night

A million stars there was no moon

Laughter spills from a golden light

A south bound freight comes rumbling through.

The sky today blew westwind clouds

The sky today was endless blue

The sky today cannot be bought

Still I hope my colour’s true.

Oil and turp. fill the room

As Lismer scrapes his pallet bare

And A.Y. hums a maudlin tune

Jock and Harris -talking there.

Did you see that craggy pine

Out on the ledge hung in the air

It sent a shiver right down my spine

Oh how I wish that Tom was here.

And he would say- boys- that tree is mine

He’d have his pallet knife out then and there

Remember how he could paint so fast

Oh how I wish that Tom was here.

Clouds, they held the mist till noon

Then through it all burnt brilliant light

We caught that light late afternoon

And then returned here for the night.

I do not know where I am bound

I do not know nor do I care

It is enough to paint this land

In spirit, light and northern air.

Shadows chased a north fall night

The cut of frost hangs in the air

A box car glowed by kerosene light

Oh how I wish that I was there

As the Montreal came tumbling down.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Chelsea, QC

5.Higher Plane

Light come down in a shimmering ray

Oh for the yearning in my days

I will stand before you are I pray

Take me up to a higher plane.

Blackened stump bleached by the sun

Oh for the yearning in my days

Reaching up to kingdom come

There will be no brighter day.

Blinding light flash off the sea

Oh god the northern shore

Each bend and curve to beckon me

Shake me to my very core. X2

Pic Island arc in a perfect form

Oh for the yearning in my day

In the arms of the north I am reborn

There will be no brighter day.

Give me blacks, give me blues

Oh for the whites and the yellow hues

From them I’ll blend the subtler hues

There will be no brighter day.

Where the lake goes on beyond my eyes

And the light goes on beyond my dreams

Where the spirit grows, it never dies

Where the west wind blows and the jack pine leans. X2

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Neys Peninsula, Lake Superior, ON

6.You Are this Place

You are this place when I hear the big drum

When Raven calls and throat songs thrum

You are the wind- you are the sky

You are the land

You are this place.

You are this place when grasses sigh

Through aiy –aiy songs, time over time

Though change has come – will come again

Be not denied

You are the place.

You are this place when I hear the big drum

When snow geese call – and winter comes

The buntings fly the northern nights

Bring back the sun

You are this place.

Repeat bridge

First verse

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN

August 2011.

Torngat National Park, Labrador.

7. Angels’ Share

She’s the heart of the highlands, the queen of the isles

She’s the light after storms, she’s the air

And if you get lucky you may come to know her

For she got the angels’ share.


Something about the light in her eye

It could be the toss of her hair

Might be the lilt in her voice- I don’t know

But she got the angels’ share.

She’s the Iris in springtime, the Rowan in fall

She’s the smile to erase all your cares

She’s the bird on the wing

She’s the reason I sing

She got the angels’ share.


Now the question of course- how will she survive?

Being made so of vapours and air

But if you remember the light over Skye

You’ll remember the angels’ share.

And remember still that light in her eye

Remember the toss of her air

And remember still the lilt in her voice- I don’t know

But she got the angels’ share.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN

Islay, Scotland.

8 25 th Hour of the Day

In the 25 th hour of the day I made my peace

And in that time allowed I unveiled a masterpiece

All the lessons they were learned - all the lost had been returned

All debts were repaid

In that glorious hour of the day.

And in the 25 th hour of the day all was done

No stone was left unturned- no song unsung

Not one lingering might have been -

Or if I could do it over again

For in that hour over again was easily arranged.

In the 25 th hour of the day I closed my book

And for the first time in many years I had a chance to look around me

No one calling on the phone- oh my god how the boys have grown

But it was not too late- in that glorious hour of the day.

And in the 25 th hour of the day all was revealed

And though you may not believe- all wounds were healed

And in that hour the lost were found- so we walked to higher ground

And there watched the sun refuse to go down

In that glorious hour of the day.

In the 25 th hour of the day I made my peace.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


9. Soldier Down

Convoys sit off the cold French shore

Planes cut through the sky

Smoke rises up beyond the beach

We have arrived.

Gun shots heard and flames rise high

Tanks roll by in the night

A whisper of bullets, buddy’s hit

Try to control the terror and the fright.


You can train you can fight

Fight for your life

No hero here

Soldier on.

You can train you can fight

Fight for your life

Win or lose

Soldier down.

After the war I tried to come home

My wife pretends that its fine

But the sound of thunder or a babies cry

Robs all sleep from the night.

Now they talk of our courage the great service done

They talk of the battles that were won

Us that was there we don’t talk so much

We live with the one’s that are gone.

Chorus X2

Words and Music- Ian Tamblyn

Words- Simon Gilleon Brady

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Chelsea, QC

10. Going Home

And now the light has turned within

The long road calls to you

Family have gathered round

To hold and comfort you

Helplessly we wait the day

So little we can do

But hope the love that’s in our hearts

Reaches out to you.


You are going- you are going-


Let it go lay it down

All trouble slipping through

Your hands need not reach out to us

Your goodness sees you through.

All the questions all the fears

The storm that raged through you

Return the calm now to your eyes

The gate swings wide for you


I’ll see you on the river

I’ll see you in the bar

Nights so filled with laughter

And of course we went too far

I'll hear you in a melody

Winding through these hills

I'll see you in a starlit night

I will remember you.

Chorus X 2

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN

Sept/ 2016- Wakefield, Quebec.

11.Arc of Dreams and Prayers

Too big, too white, too much, my eyes

Can’t take in it all

Brilliant light, breathe in and dive

Glide, glance, fall.

The arc of light, of wing, of fin

The arc of dreams and prayers

Dreams of sky and ocean

Rise before you and you’re there.

The sounding whale, the albatross

That carves an endless blue

And something in the distance

That is calling, calling you.

The flume, the wing, the fluke, the thing

That calls you to this place

Is bounded in our innocence

Our wonder and our grace.

I see it in the light, your eyes

The smile upon your face

As heaven now resides in you

And turns beneath the waves.

We have been touched, we have been touched

Again, again, again

The arc of all your dreams and prayers

Will never be the same.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN

Feb 2004.


12.Bay of Sails

I have been a sailor for far too many years

Nothing but the flotsam and the tide

But all of that is changing I will set my course today

And dream reach all the way to the Bay of Sails.


And of course you know the place hard by Bernacchi Bay

Where the blue whales and the snowy petrels play

Come on- lay your burden down, let the capstan spin

And I will meet you down in the Bay of Sails.

I will cross the Bridge of Sighs skirt the Danger Slopes

I hear the bergs stand high in the Bay of Sails

I will cross the blue crevasse dive the deep dark green

And I will meet you down in the Bay of Sails.


Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN.


Ross Island, Antarctica.

13. Heading South Instrumental

Music – Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Chelsea, QC

CD 2

1.Cat walk on the Gatineau Instrumental

Music- Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Gatineau River, QC

2. Old Voice

Old voice -Calling from the mountains

Calling from the mountains

Water rushing down

Old voice

Beckons from the snow fields

Tumbles down the rock face

Rushing to the sea.


How I wish I could fly with you

But I have clipped my wings

One day- I will fly with you

When the telling heals the pain.

Old voice

Echoes down the valley

Echoes down the valley

Till there is no sound

No sound

But my heartbeat

And my heartbeat is pounding like a drum.


Repeat First Verse and Chorus

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Kiitlope, Haisla First Nation, B.C.

For Cecil Paul.

3. Let It Go

Full moon through the clouds tonight

Ghosts whisper cross the sea

Horses wander the Marram grass

Iris quiver in the breeze.

Whites sands shift to reshape this world

Grain by grain endlessly

Tomorrow will not be what it was today

But it will be what it will be.

Let it go

Let it go

Let it all fall away

Fools may claim to rule this world

But the sun the sand the sea

Will have their way.

Footsteps fall much slower now

As I kneel by Starry False

Bayberry, Solomon's Seal

Know what once was lost

For they grow among lost sailors

They grow among lost seals

And they grow through the horses bones

And they wave across these fields.

Let it go, let it go

Let it all fall away

Fools may claim to rule the world

But the sun the sea the sand

The moon the sand the stars

Will have their way.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN.

July, 2017.

Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

4. Ghost Parade

When the past fades like some east bound freight

And I was trying to count all the cars

Half way through I seemed to have lost my way

And now it has gone too far.

Still I tried to catch all the things that I had missed

But you get so far behind

When you try to retrace, every thought, every face

That has been lost to time- I will return

I will return, I will not return.

When the past fades like some ghost parade

And I can’t, I can’t go home again

Though I frequently turn with a heart that still burns

To know, to know the north again

Ah but if you live with regrets

For all the things that you have done

Well that’s not living life at all

So turn to life turn to chance - to the future, to the dance

And forgive me when I fall

I will not return

Yet turn to life turn to chance - to the future, to the dance

And forgive me when I fall.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Thunder Bay, ON

5. Paris Afternoon

Music in the garden, a summer’s afternoon

Barges on the river past the Louvre

Top hats on the corner, romance in their eyes

Oh it was such a time to live.

Summer by the seaside, winds from the south

Father with the glasses looking out

Sails on the horizon, while I wonder who she is

Oh it was such a time to live.

Ladies on the avenue beneath parasols

Walking to the sounds of carousels

If I could be there now then I would walk with you

Some where in a Paris afternoon.

Repeat last two lines.

Ian Tamblyn

Manda Music, SOCAN


Chelsea, QC

6.Tiger Lily Road

When I was a younger man

I traveled where the compass spanned

The cobbled streets of Baie St. Paul

And Tiger Lily Road.

The narrow streets, the sloping roofs

The fishing weirs, the horses hooves

The gold dust light on the purple hills

Always the river.

I was sent on some exchange

To learn the language I got paid

Doing dishes in some waterfront café

Evenings I would wander home

Past rocking chairs hushed Gallic tones

The knitting needles click the Rosary.

What was it about those times

I seemed to have a clearer mind

My footsteps knew their purpose then

Down Tiger Lily Road

.Perhaps it was the known routine

The simple work my thoughts were free

To roam the hills of mon pays

Always the river.

Perhaps it was the vesper hymns

The priests who prayed for my sins

The golden light upon the rim of hills.

The steeple cast its shadow long

The afterglow lingered on

I knew myself better then I know.

Weekends I would take my pack

Les Escoumins or Tadoussac

The path before me lay the world

Down Tiger Lily Road.

The bold cliffs of the Saguenay

We’d watch the Fins and the White Whales play

Why you could make Ste. Rose in two days

And yet I see it clearly now

That I was ripe for a fall

No priest within his solitude

On Tiger Lily Road.

I think about that time and then

Walking home one evening when

We played the game eyes

And that was all she wrote.

The name she bore- Marie Lafleur

Her father owned the corner store

At the corner of Redemption

And Tiger Lily Road.

And yes I’d seen Marie before

But dreams are hopes and nothing more

I found myself at your door

Dreams to deliver.

But it seems you knew more than me

The greater fool too blind to see

That you yourself were drawn to me

As drawn to the river.

That evening as I wandered home

Our steps were matched and not alone

The circumstance it had been sown

I smile to remember.

Oh I think about days

I wandered ‘round in a haze

Somewhere above the cobbled streets

Of Tiger Lily Road.

The cook he’d shake his spoon and laugh

I see the mouse has caught the cat

You are lost and that is that

Lost to the river.

But every moment we could spend

We spent together without end

Though shadows they were lengthening

Down Tiger Lily Road

I guess we chose not to see

That time was now the enemy

We had forever you and me

We had forever.

We had forever....

Back into those hills we tramped

Mal Baie - Les Eboulements

Marie and I together off down

Tiger Lily Road.

But Marie held a different key

And showed me new eyes to see

The blue and white the fleur de lys

Always the river.

As evenings were lost to song

Leclerc, Vigneault, Harmonium

I even tried to sing along

I tried to sing along.

But the more I saw the less I knew

As a fear inside me grew

And as the meteors of August flew

I could not tell you.

That I am not bound to these hills

These narrow streets your sharpened will

Ce n’est pas mon pays

This Tiger Lily Road.

And as the first days of autumn turned

The wedges flew and the maples burned

With promises to return

I could not deliver.

I did not know myself the truth

The shallow callousness of youth

I believed I would see you

Come next summer.

But next summer came and I went west

The tiger lilies bloomed I guess

Was it the same for you

I sometimes wonder......

I drive the north shore near your town

The radio off- the windows down

Something made me turn off down

Tiger Lily Road.

The cobbled streets they are unchanged

But that door- it’s not the same

And suddenly I’m lost again

On Tiger Lily Road.

Do you know Redemption Street

I ask the people that I meet

There is no Redemption Street

Please- try to remember.

But do you know Marie Lafleur

Her father owned the corner store

Je regrette we don’t know her

Please try to remember.

The river danced a thousand suns

I cursed myself, why had I come

The past cannot be found

On Tiger Lily Road.

Searching for a speck of time

A puzzle piece- a clear through line

Something that could be defined

As yours -as mine.

And now I doubt myself

These events belong to someone else

Did we ever walk down

Tiger Lily Road.

But now I begin to see

As myth entwines our history

We have forever you and me

We have forever.

We have forever.....

When I was a younger man

I traveled where the compass spanned

The cobbled streets of Baie St. Paul

And Tiger Lily Road.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Chelsea, Quebec

7. The Low Coast Road

Take a walk down the low coast road

I will disappear

There to join the sea and sky

And find some comfort there.

I used to think I’d learn from lost

I know now that’s not true

For what I’ve found is but the cost

Of being far from you.

I speak to you long distance

So close and far away

You say don’t worry it’s alright

But it’s not- that I can’t say.

I didn’t say.

I couldn’t say the ocean

Had found another soul

I did say the line was cut

Or if I just let go.

You never really grow up

The longings are the same

Revealed in different facets

New places and new names.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Aran Islands Ireland.

8. One Horse Town


Why do I stay in this one horse town

That wind and time kick around

The dust and the sand were blowing main street down

And my reason for staying is gone.

The country’s great the people kind

Some call it home but it ain’t mine.

And I know I should be leaving and it ain’t for trying

I just can’t make the moves to be gone.

The 4 X 4's cruise the Main Street drag

Three in the morning on a friday night

And a smashing of glass brings the morning light

We’ve put another one down.


The people I meet they all laugh and stare

They say, “What the hell you still doing here?”

And I try to tell them but it just ain’t there

My reason for staying is gone.

God only knows why I hang around

It sure ain’t playing this hotel lounge

I lie to myself I just might turn around

But I know in my heart she’s long gone.


Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN.


Burns Lake, B.C.

9. Storm in the Mountain

Storm on the mountain

Cuts through the trees

Cuts like a chisel and it’s cutting through me.

And there’s no way home, no way home

No way home.

Up past the tree line

Look at her wail

Clouds through the peaks now like a torn sail.

And it strafe that mountain

When the green light fails

Snow piling up in a blistering gale.

Oh God have mercy

On the fool up there

He don’t stand a chance, he don’t stand a prayer.

If it gets too heavy

It will all come down

You may hear the thunder, don’t look around.

For the winds of the future

Are born of the past

Storm on the mountain, coming on fast.

Storm on the mountain

Cuts through the trees

Cuts like a chisel

Cutting through me.

And there’s no way home, no way home

No way home.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN.

Nov. 2006.

Nakusp, B.C.

10. I am Waiting

I am waiting to be with you

To be with you once again

In the comfort of your warm embrace

I will know you then.

When the rust is on the metal

And the shimmer’s in the air

And the hum is all the summer

I will soon be there.

You are walking down the trestle

I am walking close behind

How I love the way your body moves

One day you will be mine.

Queen Anne’s lace black-eyed Susans

Ring of daisies ties your hair

As your hand brushes through them

I will soon be there.

We are walking in a dream time

When your arm brushes mine

And it stirs me may I tell you

I will love you one more time.

And the good rain splashes nighttime

And we’re laughing ‘neath the sky

Drenched skin – smooth touch

Seek to be entwined.

When the monarch’s in the milkweed

And Lunassa is in your eye

And the fire flies the night sky

I’ll be by your side.

For I am waiting to be with you

To be with you once again

In the comfort of your warm embrace

I will know you then.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Prague, Czech Republic.

11. The Ballad of Mark Jarareuse

My name is Mark Jarareuse and I am in grade six

I was born in Hopedale, Labrador

Yeah, they’re brand new running shoes

I got ‘em new for school

Say what youse guys come to Hopedale for.


And the time goes slow on Sundays.

My sister made this whale she’s in the band at school

She’ll be playin’ for youse guys later on.

Yeah- the summer here was good -

Not so much to do

Say- where does that ship you come here on come from?


Yeah- I think she done it good, the whales were here last spring

No- they’re gone and they won’t be comin’ back.

No- we weren’t out on the land

My uncle took the boat

And my Dad- he’s gone to Halifax.


I really like your boat, I seen them boats before

The Coast Guard had some here last spring

I really like your ship, can I go on your ship

Will you guys be coming back again?

Cho. And Repeat 1 st verse.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Hopedale, Labrador.

12. Declaration of Human Rights

“All people are free and equal in dignity and rights.”

Music – Ian Tamblyn

Sea Lynx Music, SOCAN


Ottawa, ON

13. In the Mist

In the mist of it all

I won’t fail you

In the mist of it all

I’ll be there

Though I strain at times to see you

Pay no mind be at peace don’t despair.

In the mist of it all

And at twilight

In the mist of it all

And at dawn

I will see you now before me

I’ll be there and be with you before long.

For when the morning mist come rising

In the fields above the snow

And the trees peer through like shadows

Comes the one the only one I know.

For now I see you walking

You are walking by my side

Through the mist the sun now burning

And in time this will pass by and by.

Ian Tamblyn

Sea lynx Music, SOCAN

April, 2020.

Cantley, QC


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