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Officer of the Order of Canada

On December 1st 2022 , I was invited to Rideau Hall to be invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada. I didn't anticipate that it would be an emotional event but it was ! When I heard the citations being announced before my name was called , I thought how my work pales in comparison. When I stepped forward to greet Governor- General Mary Simon and her husband Whit Fraser my thinking drifted towards general panic and welling up. What if they announced the truth , that I had made a career out of songs about rocks and penguins! But Whit Fraser gave me a quick thumbs up , Mary smiled, I found my family in the gathering, and all was fine.

Once again I am indebted to the late Lesley Strutt, Louise Schwartz, and Jon Dudley for nominating me for this award. I knew nothing of it. I am forever grateful to my family, Amanda, Matthew and Walker for their endless support of my folly. And I am also grateful to Adventure Canada and Students on Ice for the opportunities they afforded me, chasing the North.

I have to say it was a particular honour to be invested during the time of Mary Simon . I think she is the right person for the time and I wish her well.


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